Licensed Images

The modern internet is all about aesthetics! Visitors will judge your company on how you website looks, this is probably not fair but it is true, so you need to use professional images as ‘eye-candy’ on your site.  We will use top quality stock images taken by professional photographers or our own staff as featured images on your new site.

We don’t want any of our clients to be surprised by letters from lawyers claiming damages for the use of unlicensed images, so all of the stock images we use when building client’s websites are fully licensed and we will be happy to provide proof if required.

There was a recent court case where a website owner had to pay it is believed £1200 in damages for using unlicensed images on their site.  There are unscrupulous web design companies that acquire images from the web and use them in their own and their client’s sites, this is stealing and we do not do that.

In the USA if you are found guilty of copyright infringement, civil law allows the copyright owner to seek damages against you for illegally using their property. Under the Copyright Act, damages may be set as low as $200 for innocent infringements and up to $150,000 for wilful infringements. In some cases, punitive damages may also be assessed, the penalties are similar in the UK.

Getty have been actively writing to many website owners demanding payment for unlicensed images.

We want our clients to have a happy web experience, using legitimate licensed images is one more way we achieve that. Of course if you want to supply your own images we will be happy to use them in your website – then it’s up to you to ensure that these images are owned or licensed by you.