Support And Advice

We are always contactable by email and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response to client enquiries.  We will be happy to offer advice on any IT related questions you may have.  If your enquiry can be answered simply then we will make no charge for this, if not we will give you a quote for our consultancy services.

We fully support all our client’s websites, we ensure that regular backups are taken and stored in different locations – all your eggs in one basket is very risky.  If a disaster does happen then we will be ready to re-install your site on a new server as soon as is practically possible.

These days, major disasters requiring a complete re-install very rarely happen but they do occur. Usually problems are caused by people, not the technology, we are only human as are our valued clients and we can all have a bad day and so something daft that causes problems to a site.

Sometimes it may not be possible to get a site back up and running instantly, but we have never had a problem that has not been resolved by the day following the disaster.

We are a small company with a small client base and we like that!  We can offer a personal, friendly service to our clients and we think our clients like this too.