Modern Site Design

Websites need to be mobile friendly. A ‘responsive’ website will look good on every screen from  a mobile phone up to a whopping big desktop screen.  So many sites look great on the designer’s 30 inch monitor but fail badly when a visitor in the real world tries to view the site on a mobile device.

We test our sites on a large variety of browsers, operating systems and devices to make sure your site looks great for every visitor.  To see what we mean by responsive, just shrink this page down as small as you can on your browser – or if you are visiting us on your mobile device you will already have noticed that there is nor sideways scrolling needed, no screen pinching required and you can read all the text and navigate easily.

Why WordPress?

We decided in early 2014 that most of our future development work would be done under the WordPress framework, this has huge benefits for our clients.  The development of WordPress and the millions of users around the World ensures that our client’s sites will always benefit for the most up to date advances in web technology.   The WordPress framework allows our clients to update their own sites with posts whenever they want, while we ensure that backups are always up to date and are on hand to fix any little mishaps that may happen.

We can develop a new site for our clients now in days as opposed to the weeks or even months it used to take and so pass on cost benefits to our clients.

Updating a site to a new look is now also a less terrible experience and costs a lot less.

Other Options

If for some reason you don’t want your new site to be devloped under the WordPress framework we can build a totally bespoke solution for you.  Using HTML5 and CSS3 (and the magnificent Bootstrap CSS Framework) we can deliver what you need.  The costs for a bespoke website are considerably higher then a WordPress site and we would recommend the WP option every time as it offers the very best in value for our clients – there is a vast pool of WP developers for you to chose from if you decide to move away from us, the WP framework is constantly evolving and you have complete control over the content of your site.