Consultancy Services

We can offer advice on any IT projects you may be considering. Our services range from free advice on general IT matters right up to full project management roles.

Large consulting firms may try and steer you towards the ‘big solution’, this is not always the best path for our clients to take, it is always the best solution for the consultancy firms though.  We are not interested in ‘big solutions’ we are much more focussed on the what is best for our clients.

We were once asked to report for a client who had been offered a ‘big solution’ by one of the big name consultancies, we won’t say the name as it would embarrass them, but the ‘big solution’ was truly big.  A six month project with a team of 4 consultants was quoted for, the cost was astronomical – in the hundreds of thousands of pounds and the client was concerned.  We discovered in a half day consulting session that the project had been massively over-specified by the big consultancy and all that was actually needed was a spreadsheet, there was no client requirement for their data to be networked and all the reports and graphs required could be supplied using Excel.  We built the client an Excel template for a couple of hundred pounds and everyone, except the big consultancy was very happy with the ‘correct solution’.

Big is not always better!  Of course there are times when the ‘big solution’ is the only way to go, and we will advise our clients accordingly, but we will always say what we think is best for our clients not what will earn us the most money.

We can provide consultancy services  from half a day, if you are based in the South West of England then usually there are no travel/accommodation expenses involved, if you are further afield then we will let you know exactly how much our services will cost you.  A half-day meeting with us may save you a lot of money!